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Sugared Mango

Fresh Baked Banana-nut Bread scented Soy Coconut Candle

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So you just love the scent of baked goods?  Are you looking to load on carbs without gaining weight?  Pop this candle on your candle warmer and scent your house with the scent of warm banana bread! Delicious Banana Nut scented soy candle makes you think the banana bread just came out of the oven! Pour a cup of coffee, Sit back with this candle and enjoy.

Notes: Banana, Walnut, Nutmeg and Vanilla

Customer Reviews

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Ericka Stewart
Scrumptious smelling candle

I will keep this review simple....As soon as I opened the box and smelled the candle, all I wanted to do was eat it. I didn't think that was too healthy, so I honestly can't wait until Sugared Mango restocks this scent! The smell of baked banana nut bread is for all year long, it's definitely not seasonal. Can't wait till she starts doing auto replenishment!

Alicia Van Den Heede

This candle smells delightful and burns well. Made the house smell like freshly baked sweets!