Picture of Danielle

I created Sugared Mango Soaps as a way to solve some of my own aging skin issues.  
In return I found a whole world of natural products that took me back to basics on ingredients that are good for the skin.  Along the way, I found out that not all chemicals are bad and that preservatives are necessary in the business world.    I continue to evolve and research items that are on my "personal good list" and have taken a few unnecessary ingredients out of my realm.

We are mostly Vegan and mostly Natural.  Why Mostly?  Well, let's be honest.  We have  Natural and  Vegan soaps, but we also carry soaps with Fragrance oils too!  Here are the things that keep us from being all Vegan or all Natural; Beeswax, Micas, Fragrance oils and Tallow.  We will let you know on all our products!  We source Organic Palm oil is RSPO sustainable (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil).  For items other than soaps we do have a few necessary non-natural items but we list those so you can always make an educated decision.

Care and sensibility.  I care tremendously about your needs.  While I may not be the most cutesy brand you have ever met you can count on my sensibility about the product, the ingredients, and the costs.    Excessive packaging?  Not here.  Gobs of sweetness?  Probably not...  Sugared Mango Soap is good responsibly sourced ingredients with No Petroleum oils & No Parabens!