Picture of Danielle

I created Sugared Mango Soaps as a way to solve some of my own aging skin issues.   After a lifetime of dry skin and adult acne, I was looking for something to help me solve the issues.  I went back to basics when I started making soaps.  Simple ingredients were the key!  
I found a whole world of natural products and started experimenting on friends and family good ingredients, good results.  Along the way, I found out that not all chemicals are bad and that preservatives are necessary in the business world.  I continue to evolve and research items that are on my "personal good list" and have taken a few unnecessary ingredients out of my realm.  

We are a small batch natural soap company who just happens to be a Black owned and eco aware with some occasional synthetic fragrances  clean fragrances and always Paraben and Phthalate free.   We list our ingredients so you can always make an educated decision.

Care and sensibility.  I care tremendously about your needs.  While I may not be the most cutesy brand you have ever met you can count on my sensibility about the product, the ingredients, and the costs.    We try to be rather straightforward in our approach.  Like our packaging, we are just simple.  We can do cute and fluffy too.  Just ask!