Iphone Notifications? Yeah...been there...

So they say, write about what you know.  Well these days of being self-employed and running into the red at every turn, I don't know a lot about anything!  I guess what  I do know, is that this whole, quit your day job thing, was not very well planned out.  But, I am still very glad I did it.   But, the motivation, the grind to get yourself going sooner and with Gusto?  Yeah, it's all fun until the banks accounts run negative.  
Which brings me to the email scrolling...  Yeah, shiny object syndrome here.  But, this IS a BLOG right?  So, I am reading my emails and wondering... why, I have so many...(oops different Blog)   I stumble across this handy headline, "Turn off iMessaging Preview", so my curiosity gets the best of me.  I wanted to see if their reason were the same as mine.  I turned off my messaging a while back!  I did not want people to see that Bank of Whoville was telling me my balance was "dangerously low to my desired balance".  That always seems to preview when you are having a serious talk with someone or trying to close a sale.  Well who needs that?  So, I turned notifications preview off.  I still get the notifications, and can tell who is sending me the message, but I don't get a preview of the message.  It's all good.  There are peaks and valleys.  I'm in the valley for a hot minute.  But I got another BLOG done!  But if you have an iphone and you need those instructions here is the information: How to Turn off Message Preview on iPhone
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