Happy New Year 2021!

Posted by Danielle Sterling on

As the year comes to a close people tend to reflect and get melancholy about love and loss.  I guess I’m the same with respect to all of that.  I reflect, beat up on myself, mourn the losses of friends and people that have crossed my path so intently that I have scars where our stars crossed so deeply.  I sometimes have encounters with people that overwhelm me.  I don’t struggle to remember every detail when I recall our conversations months and years later.  Our stars collided for a short time but they were important and I’m honored to remember them.  I guess all of this comes with the territory of caring too much!
I want to wish each one of "you all the stuff": Love, Good health, Blessings, Good Juju, Faith, Good mental health, Resilience, Hope, Good physical Health, Grace, less Profound pain, Clarity & Peace.

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