Earth Day 2022

Earth Day 2022

Paper Mache Seed Bomb

Earth Day has always been super interesting to me.  Kind of like Groundhog Day.  Everyone pops out on a specific day, takes the temperature of the World and goes back into hibernation.

Well, for me Earth Day feels like a chance.  A time of renewal.  Another reset after January 1st resolutions.  It always seems that if you failed try again.  The flowers are giving a full push and even when it is cold and the odds are against them they push on through!  So I’m taking them as a sign.  Let’s give a fresh start and persevere in spite of all energies that tell us to go back to bed until Memorial Day!

I’m planning to Bloom with the season and refresh! Some of my choices for the season reflect my mood.  I hope you will stop in to get a wiff in person! If not here is a link to the shop and what’s new!  Happy Earth Day!  Stop by and pick up a free Paper Mache Seed Bombs!


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