I didn't have a "Grand Opening" for my brick and mortar store.  In fact I was so surprised to make it through a pandemic I didn't even have an anniversary sale.   I slogged through and grew the business to this point.  I certainly look forward to the next chapter at Sugared Mango and all the new ideas and products on the drawing board!  

This year some items were retired, some are new and some are still being worked on.  Like Black Geranium which will be retired for a bit.  A few items are coming out of retirement for the Holidays like Zanzibar soap and Apple Jack and Clay and new Items like No Name- Hair and Beard Creme which is a number one seller.  

The supply chain issues have been very real from the top of the chain on down to the little guys like me.  The containers, goods and resources have been in short supply for so long that labels and sizes had to be changed just to keep product on the shelves.  This issue is not solved but loosening up, just a bit.  So my solution is to go with the flow.  I have added some glass and some metal to combat the problem and see going 90% green to my benefit and sustainability for the future.

I thank you for hanging with me on my journey!  I look forward to your continued feedback on the great products and serious duds!  


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